Additional Services

The following services are all available as additions to any of our standard packages or as stand-alone treatments. The services listed here are not exhaustive so please don’t hesitate to ask about any requirements that you may have.

Premium Wash & Protect (from £25)

A safe wash, designed to cleanse your vehicle with damaging the clear coat lacquer. Includes a touchless pre-wash to remove the loose dirt, followed by a hand wash, rinse, and coat of an extremely hydrophobic protective sealant To add gloss and protection to the exterior surfaces. The. Vehicle is then dried, tyres dressed and exterior glass cleaned to leave a perfect finish.

Deep Cleanse, Sanitising Treatment & Odour Fogger (from £60)

As part of a deep cleanse to sanitise and remove stubborn unwanted odours, the odour fogger will sanitise and kill odours that have been properly treated restoring a pleasant fragrance to the vehicle.

Air Con Sanitiser (£15)

Neutralises odours and kills bacteria, restoring a pleasant and fresh fragrance to stale smelling air conditioning systems.

Interior Leather Conditioning (from £20)

It is important to clean and nourish leather annually to maintain a soft, supple, crack free finish. Our products of choice contain a carefully blended pH neutral formulation, that effectively moisturises without leaving greasy residue but a natural matt look. They also Contain surface proofing agents to protect against marks and staining along with an Attractive leather fragrance. The products are also Land Rover Jaguar approved.

Head Light Restoration (from £60)

Dull, cloudy headlight lenses can spoil the appearance of your car and hamper the performance of your head lights. Rather than going to the expense of replacing them, we offer a cost effective solution that will restore them to new. We always Mask to protect the edges of the paintwork. We then Sand the surface of the lens with various grades of abrasive discs to remove heavy defects followed by foam sanding discs to refine scratches. Finally we polish with a restoring compound to achieve a crystal clear finish.

Clay Bar Treatment (from £25)

Removing bonded contamination from vehicle surfaces is essential to achieving that glass like show room finish. Our clay bar treatment effectively and safely removes paintwork contaminants, e.g. industrial fallout, tree sap, etc, leaving an ultra smooth finish in preparation for polishing or waxing.

Brake Callipers Painted (£45 each/£160 all four)

Painted callipers are becoming a popular way to enhance and personalise your vehicle. We can paint them a colour of your choice, we require your vehicle for a minimum of 4/6 hours to complete.

Convertible Roof Cleansed & Protected (£100)

Our deep cleanse and protection service for soft tops is designed to restore and revive the appearance as well as adding a durable protective layer against green algae and other environmental and road contaminants. This is available as a stand alone service or can be added to one of our details.

Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed (from £20)

A thorough cleanse and refresh of the engine bay compartment designed to remove oil, grease and road film contamination to restore and rejuvenate the appearance.

Dent Removal (POA)

Car park dings are annoying and unsightly and can be very expensive to repair. At Premium Car Care we offer paint less dent removal which is a fantastic alternative to expensive Bodyshop repairs and maintains the integrity of the original factory paint.